"The body, impotent to maladies; thirsts
for harmonies of cure by gentle ways and artful
skills to dignify countless souls' infirmed and
helpless wills . . ."



Maternl concerns the human dimension of healthcare and shares age-old empathies and lessons to enhance healing in today's complex healthcare environment.

Maternl is mission driven to address the unmet needs for all in need of comfort, healing and solace, in particular, mothers and families who have experienced infertility, miscarriages, stillbirths and neonatal deaths. Maternl is my personal instrument to advocate, heal and comfort and share by addressing maternal, newborn and child health needs and access to care through a unique and original portfolio of poems, pre-natal tools, thoughts, a caring community for pregnancy and pregnancy loss and a personal / public forum ( Ephemeris Project ) for health professionals-primarily health professional students-to share thoughts on the human aspects of caring.

By using original and personalized programs, tools and forms of expression implicit in symbolic language; poetry, prose and verse, Maternl shares age-old empathies and lessons to enhance healing in today's complex healthcare environment.

Maternl acknowledges that there remains inexorable suffering which accompanies tribulations not only from inevitable limits of new medical technologies but from pervasive disparities which exist to deny all to have access to and to be recipient of one standard of care; disparities defined by the social determinants of health, limited or no access to care, unconscious bias, lack of advocacy and "avoidance and dismissal rather than involvement and immersion".   →


Maternl is founded on a model of care I have practiced throughout my career; the use of language to help the grieving and healing process: words we write, words we read, and words we say and hear to serve as an invaluable source of solace and hope. I believe our words are songs from our hearts: "songs of hope and songs for hope. I have written and continue to write words and thoughts in letters of condolence when my patients have experienced a pregnancy, newborn or infant loss and include a personalized, original poem which I either send to them and / or at their memorial services / funerals. This program permts you to obtain a personalized, original poem to memorialize, honor or pay tribute.  →


The care of the patient experiencing a pregnancy loss is a paradigm for what we do as physicians. It tests not only our clinical skills and judgments but stretches the fibers of the human aspect of caring very thin. Maternl provides a place and community for comfort, empathy, support and hope if you should experience a miscarriage, stillbirth or newborn death including more original writings, poems, sharing and bereavement resources and excerpts from my book: Parenthood Lost.  →








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