"Reaching out and trying to make people more aware of the grieving that comes with any pregnancy loss or infant loss, is wonderful. And making a place for us to go, and share our experiences with people who will listen and understand is wonderful too." "When I read all the stories about all the pain and heartache that is felt worldwide it saddens me but in a way comforts me knowing I am not alone. Strangers we may be, but yet we are connected by a common thread the loss of a child and that makes us all soulmates."

When you Join Hygeia, you will be able to participate in an exchange of stories and thoughts on messageboards and in a supportive private, international e-mail community between those who have experienced the grieving of a failed pregnancy, fetal demise, stillborn infant, perinatal, neonatal and early childhood loss, genetic abnormality leading to pregnancy termination; are trying to conceive after a loss or more generally, experienced the loss of any one dear to them. This is the Hygeia Family.  Hygeia believes this is the largest online database of its kind-now over 30,000 families- and by virtue of its size, the Registry will allow you to find another parent with a very similar loss as your own.   Please fill out this form to permit access to the Hygeia Registered Users Registry.You must include a valid E-mail Address. The Password to have access to the Registered Users lists will be e-mailed to you. You need not register with Hygeia to access the poems and other information presented on the site.

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