"The body, impotent to maladies; thirsts for harmonies of cure by gentle ways and artful skills to dignify countless souls' infirmed and helpless wills..."
(From Nadiyb, 2014. Berman)

When we are ill, vulnerable and in need of care, although our spirits may fade and our viscera may bleed, we are enabled by the agents of our humanity empowered by ancestral song and promise. Maternal is a pathway towards healing even when we cannot cure.

Maternl acknowledges that there remains inexorable suffering which accompanies tribulations not only from inevitable limits of new medical technologies but from pervasive disparities which exist to deny all to have access to and to be recipient of one standard of care; disparities defined by the social determinants of health, limited or no access to care, unconscious bias, lack of advocacy and "avoidance and dismisal rather than involvement and immersion".

The paradox of our societies to both cure and cause pain is real and evident. Recognizing and addressing losses that parents experience through miscarriages, stillbirths and neonatal deaths (my life's work as an obstetrician) is my overlying mission as I believe it can serve as a paradigm for healing for all patients of all health professionals.

Maternl reflects my career as a physician, an obstetrician, and shares my personal work: my projects, thoughts and poetry  which above all enables me to ask why even when we already understand how. Poetry permits me as a doctor of medicine, witness to the frailties of our humanity, to abet healing through the very core of what makes us human; our language and our personal emotions. It has been my platform to tell my 'stories', to honor my patients, my friends, my family and indeed, the essence of humanity, the "family of man".

Michael R Berman MD MBI FACOG
June 14, 2024








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